FIX take out the initial full groups reset from roles definition

It is related to those cards:

Those [(5,0,0)] lines addesd on MR#158 are producing some inestable behaviour when energy_comminities module is upgraded:

  • For some (?) reason, in PROD, if you force a energy_community module uPgrade from UI, And you look on Role Comunity Energy Administrator , some groups that was added MANUALLY (From UI) to this Role as Administration / Access Rigths, or some groups added FROM OTHER MODULES as Energy Projects Energy Communities as Energy Project / Administrator to this Role are NOT reset (deleted) after this energy_comunities upgrade. BUT, if instead you verify this behaviour (also in PROD) related to Role Energy Community Manager, in this case those 2 groups are dissapearing after each upgrade of 'energy_comminity'.
  • When I reproduced the same scenarios described above in my LOCAl enviroment, the ([5,0,0]) line is DELETING those 2 groups in ALL ROLES.

So the best option is to take out those [(5,0,0)] lines in order to do not loose the groups added from Energy Projects Energy Communities on each energy_community module uPgrade, because it is now a real BAD think ( see )

If some groups added manually (by UI) to the roles are not deleted on each energy_community module uPgrade, it is not a issue and can be removed manually if needed. The only exception of this topic is the role 'type user portal' that at the moment of deploy of MR#158 we implement [5,0,0] in order to be REMOVED from the role CE Member.

Edited by Xavier Bonet

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