[IMP] energy_selfconsumption: invoicing acquired power

Trello cards:


  • [IMP] energy_project: added kw uom data. (Manually activation of UOM must be checked in general settings)
  • [IMP] energy_selfconsumption: added contract, contract_variable_quantity, contract_queue_job and l10n_es dependency.
  • [IMP] energy_selfconsumption: wizard for defining the invoicing mode of the project.
  • [IMP] energy_selfconsumption: wizard for generation of contracts.
  • [IMP] energy_selfconsumption: added reseller field to self-consumption project.
  • [IMP] energy_selfconsumption: added smart button to self-consumption view to show contracts on active state
Edited by Daniil Digtyar Vasilieva

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