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chore(deps): update dependency coopdevs/odoo/odoo-provisioning/odoo-provisioning to v0.7.21

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
coopdevs/odoo/odoo-provisioning/odoo-provisioning patch v0.7.8 -> v0.7.21

Release Notes

coopdevs/odoo/odoo-provisioning/odoo-provisioning (coopdevs/odoo/odoo-provisioning/odoo-provisioning)


Compare Source

  • Upgrade odoo-role to v0.4.1 !154


Compare Source

  • Update yamllint to v1.29.0 !249
  • Update odoo role to v0.4.0 !252
  • Update monitor role to v0.4.0 !252
  • Install unzip to check the backup state !250


Compare Source

  • Update monitoring role to use uexporter !251


Compare Source


Compare Source

  • Make ModSecurity optional. See !226

  • Allow define nginx_http_extra_params at inventory level . See !227

  • Fix the ability to skip the forced update of certs if multiple domains are declared. See !225


Compare Source

  • Scape dollar in backup password See !216
  • Remove quotes to avoid error with multiple dbs See !217
  • Skip certbot force update on multidomain See !218
  • Update PostgreSQL role version to 3.4.2 See !219
  • Add ModSecurity module to NGINX See !220
  • Updade odoo role to v0.3.8 See !221


Compare Source

  • Fix backups when test dbs defined. See !214


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  • Tested & working backup script.


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  • Revert bad logs in backup script.


Compare Source

  • Revert bad checks in backup script. See !211


Compare Source

  • Upgrade odoo role to v0.3.7 (Add cargo (Rust) Debian dependency) See !209
  • Add checks in backup script See !206


Compare Source

  • Monitoring: restart always to docker compose in order to restart the docker container where the server is restarted
  • Backup: add restic exporter with restic metrics
    See !207


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